Sepehr Payam Marine Group founded in 2006, is a global presence thanks to its numerous and different vessels, grown continuously, and has been constantly innovating to offer its clients new sea, land and logistics solutions, offers you the benefit of our expertise in a comprehensive range of services.


SPM, owning international IMO No. 5840947, is honored to have DOC Certificate issued under the provisions of the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION FOR THE SAFETY OF LIFE AT SEA, 1974, (as amended under the authority of the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran).


SPM’s business spectrum are:

Container shipping

Vessel chartering,


Selling Fish




Custom Clearance



Ship management


Our business is built on Safety, trust, reliability, diversity, teamwork, open and honest communication, creativity, innovation, and ethical conduct.
With years of experience and over 210 employees, Sepehr Payam Marine Group has the knowledge and the experience to help our customers grow their businesses and negotiate in an increasingly complex and ever-changing global marketplace – whether that is venturing into new territories or growing in already developed markets.  


SPM's policy of looking after its human resources has resulted in a low turnover of employees. Therefore the company has built up a workforce, on land and sea, of well-motivated, experienced and flexible people.

SPM is committed to offering trustworthy services through standardized customer service. The company aims at gaining competitive advantages for our customers through whole process monitoring and reducing logistics costs.


Over its 10-year history, SPM has adhered to a carefully balanced development path between company and community, growth and quality. We believe in sustainable growth and advanced company culture. We are continually working to improve employee competence.

The company has an ambitious quality policy. All work is carried out according to a high standard Quality, Safety and Environmental Manual.

Headquartered in Tehran, SPM Group also has offices in:

Kish, Iran

Bushehr, Iran

Bandar Abbas, Iran

Dubai, UEA.